Master the electrifying art of freedive
spearfishing! Discover the thrill and challenge of
relying on your own virtual breath-holding ability
as you patrol reefs, shipwrecks, and other
marine environments in an exciting hunt for
prized saltwater fish. Develop your “lung
capacity” to conquer the depth and capture the
biggest fish – but watch out… hungry sharks will
try to steal your catch. Keep an eye on your lung
capacity monitor, too – you don’t want to have a
deadly underwater blackout!

Created by a former professional
spearfisherman, Freediving Hunter is the first
freediving spearfishing game.

Game play
• First- and third-person game play combination
• Create streaks, level up, and reach your “bag
limit” to unlock new spearfishing gear
• Eighteen cool gear combos, each with its own
unique look and skill set
• Ultimate gear combo will blow your mind – but
you have to find it first
• Responsive, intuitive controls
• Unique fish fighting system
• Greedy sharks try to steal your fish
• Smart fish that react to your presence
• Time-restricted diving (based upon your virtual
lung capacity) creates tension and suspense
• Difficulty and lung capacity increase as you play
• Underwater blackout system will lock you out of
the game for 1 minute
• Customizable UI colors

• Environment will make you feel like you’re
• Seven different hunting spots to unlock
• Once you’ve unlocked hunting spots, you can
move freely between them at your own pace
               ABOUT THE DEVELOPER

Havana, Cuba native Carlos Ariel Suárez’s artistic
talent was discovered when he was only eight years
old. He went on to earn a degree in painting and
drawing from the San Alejandro Academy of Fine
Arts in Havana. As a teen, Suárez’s surrealist
paintings with strong social content caught the
disapproving attention of the Castro regime, which
shut down his art exhibits multiple times in retaliation
for his anti-Castro stance. He took up spearfishing to
supplement his income and feed his family.

At 19, Suárez – carrying only his art school diploma –
tried to escape Cuba by stowing away on an
outbound cargo ship. He was caught and imprisoned
for several months. After his release, he continued to
create paintings which were sold to collectors
worldwide. He got his hands on a PlayStation and
saw it as an amazing platform for tying many art
disciplines together into one product. Since that
moment he became obsessed with the idea of
making his own video games.

The United States granted Suárez political asylum in
2001. During his first several years in America, he
worked a variety of jobs including city sewer
department laborer, store clerk, and lodging facility
manager. He saved enough money to buy his first
computer, and by night studied free online tutorials to
build the necessary skills for his dream job of
computer-generated 3d modeler and animator.
Suárez began seeking freelance modeling and
animation gigs on a popular online job board. Within
five years, he became the site’s top ranked artist out
of over 30,000 worldwide, doing business as
“Strongbox3d.” Suárez began studying game
programming, again through free online tutorials. His
first mobile game, Freediving Hunter, was released in
Apple’s App Store in April, 2014.

Suárez is now a proud U.S. citizen living and working
in the fabulous Florida Keys, where he is finally
realizing his life-long dream of creating games.