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Don't skip the Tutorial; it's the quickest way to learn how to play. Be sure to turn up the volume!

Your dive time (lung capacity) increases as you progress through the game, and increases very quickly
early in the game.

You have a better chance of hitting a fish if you shoot it from the side rather than the top.

If the fish seem too skittish, leave that level and come back later. They might be in a more relaxed mood.

If a new hunting spot seems too difficult, you can always go back to the previous one and keep leveling up there.
Return to the more difficult spot later when your level is higher. The fish will be easier to hit.

The best practice when spearfishing is not to dive on top of the fish, but alongside them.

Did you know that the game has voice comments and music? Turn up the volume to hear them.

Always exit using the "Exit Game" button, not the device's home button.

Each gear has its own set of values (swim speed, gun strength and reach, and shaft speed).
Once unlocked, you can choose the best gear for each situation.